Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 67 / Issue 2/2022

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  1. M. Tagowski, Influence of 3d Model Geometry on Dimensional and Shape Characteristics in Additive Manufacturing full text PDF
  2. Amir Toofani Shahraki, Heydar Ali Shafiei Gol, Salimeh Kimiagar, Naser Zare Dehnavi, Enhancement of Thermoelectric Efficiency and Optical Properties of Hydrogen Absorption in SiC:Mn Nanotube full text PDF
  3. R.O. Nastasa, A. Tufescu, C. Munteanu, B. Istrate, A. Przybył, G. Ianus, Contact Stress Simulation for Mg-0.5Ca-xMn Alloys used for Medical Application full text PDF
  4. G. Prabu, Muthukannan Duraiselvam, Tribological Studies on AlCrFeCuCoNi High Entropy Alloy Surface Coated on Ti-6Al-4V Using Plasma Transferred Arc Technique full text PDF
  5. Zehua Lv, Zhixiong Zhang, Jianchao Han, Tao Wang, Influence of Annealing Treatment on Deep Drawing Behavior of Q235 Carbon Steel /410/304 Stainless Steels Three-Layer Composite Plate full text PDF
  6. A. Dziadoń, E. Musiał, Effects of Post-Weld Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mecanical Properties of the AZ91 Laser Welded Joint full text PDF
  7. Ooi Wan-En, Liew Yun-Ming, Heah Cheng Yong, Ho Li-Ngee, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Ong Shee-Ween, Andrei Victor Sandu, Effect of Sodium Aluminate on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Fly Ash-Based One-Part Geopolymer full text PDF
  8. A. Manjunath, V. Anandakrishnan, S. Ramachandra, K. Parthiban, S. Sathish, Optimization of Tribological Parameters of Pre-Positioned Wire Based Electron Beam Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Alloy full text PDF
  9. T. Stachowiak, Impact of Impurities of Polypropylene and Silicone Inclusions on the Properties of Polyamide 6.6 Regranulates Derived from the Re-Processing of Airbags full text PDF
  10. M.H. Azmi, M.Z. Hasnol, M.F.A. Zaharuddin, S. Sharif, S. Rhee, Effect of Tool Pin Profile on Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Materials AA5083 and AA7075 Aluminium Alloy full text PDF
  11. R. Gawel, Ł. Rogal, K. Przybylski, Kenji Matsuda, Influence of High-Temperature Oxidizing Conditions on AlCoCrCuNi High Entropy Alloys with and without Silicon Addition full text PDF
  12. M. Luțcanu, M. Coteață, M.A. Bernevig, C.D. Nechifor, M.M. Cazacu, P. Paraschiv, B. Istrate, G. Bădărău, I.G. sandu, N. Cimpoeșu, Obtaining and Analyzing the Al2O3-ZrO2 Ceramic Layers on Metallic Substrate full text PDF
  13. R. Wersta, A. Zieliński, M. Sroka, T. Puszczało, K. Sówka, Structure of the S304H Steel after 20,000 Hours of Ageing full text PDF
  14. M. Kierat, G. Moskal, A. Zieliński, T. Jung, Influence of Alloying Elements on the Microstructure and Selected High-Temperature Properties of New Cobalt-Based L12-Reinforced Superalloys full text PDF
  15. M. Bordei, B. Tudor, Experimental Research Regarding the Rolling Technology of the Fe-Ni Alloys full text PDF
  16. Mohd Firdaus Omar, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Sam Sung Ting, B. Jeż, M. Nabiałek, Hazizan Md Akil, Nik Noriman Zulkepli, Shayfull Zamree Abd Rahim, Azida Azmi, Influence of Filler Surface Modification on Static and Dynamic Mechanical Responses of Rice Husk Reinforced Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Composites full text PDF
  17. M.C. Perju, C. Nejneru, P. Vizureanu, A.A. Aelenei, A.V. Sandu, L. Sachelarie, M. Nabiałek, Some Aspects Concerning Titanium Coverage with Hydroxyapatite full text PDF
  18. L. Benea, L. Dragus, D. Mocanu, Corrosion Assessment of Nickel - Base - Dental Alloys in Ringer Biological Solution Studied by Electrochemical Techniques full text PDF
  19. A.C. Berbecaru, G. Coman, S. Ciucă, I.A. Gherghescu, M.G. Sohaciu, C. Grădinaru, C. Predescu, Research on the Degradation Process of Railway Rails Due to Lifespan Exceeding full text PDF
  20. H.-F. Chicinaș, O.-D. Jucan, R.V. Gădălean, G. Conțiu, A. Cotai, C.O. Popa, Consolidation and Characterisation of Hard Metal Powders Milled under Dichloromethane full text PDF
  21. L. Benea, The Contribution of Electrochemistry for a Better Understanding of the Degradation by Tribocorrosion of Metallic Implant Materials full text PDF
  22. A. Cotai, S. Miraglia, B.V. Neamţu, T.F. Marinca, H.F. Chicinaș, O. Isnard, I. Chicinaş, A Comparative Study of Nanocrystalline Fe38.5 Co38.5 Nb7 P15Cu1 Alloys Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Rapid Quenching full text PDF
  23. Rosnita Mohamed, Rafiza Abd Razak, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Liyana Ahmad Sofri, Ikmal HakemAziz, Noor Fifinatasha Shahedan, Setting Time and after Setting Properties of High Calcium Fly ash Geopolymers with Different Concentration of Sodium Hydroxide full text PDF
  24. I. Voiculescu, V. Geanta, T. Chereches, P. Vizureanu, R. Stefanoiu, A. Rotariu, D. Mitrica, Impact Behavior of the Ballistic Targets Package Composed of Dyneema Polymer and High Entropy Alloy Structures full text PDF
  25. R.V. Gădălean, O.-D. Jucan, H.F. Chicinaş, N. Bâlc, C.O. Popa, Additive Manufacturing of WC-Co by Indirect Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) using High Bulk Density Powders full text PDF
  26. C. Panaghie, N. Cimpoesu, M. Benchea, A.-M. Roman, V. Manole, A. Alexandru, R. Cimpoesu, M.M. Cazacu, I. Wnuk, G. Zegan, "In-vitro" Tests on New Biodegradable Metallic Material Based on ZnMgY full text PDF
  27. D.D. Burduhos Nergis, P. Vizureanu, S. Lupescu, D.P. Burduhos Nergis, M.C. Perju, A.V. Sandu, Microstructural Analysis of Ambient Cured Phosphate Based-Geopolymers with Coal-Ash as Precursor full text PDF
  28. G. Calin, L. Sachelarie, N. Olaru, Influence of Synthesis Conditions on the Chemical Structure and Composition of ZnO Nanoparticles Composite Systems / Polymer Fibers full text PDF
  29. E. Stefanov, S. Georgieva, Speciation Analysis of Arsenic in Copper Electrolyte Baths Using Liquid-liquid Extraction and ICP-OES Method Detection full text PDF
  30. N. Simionescu-Bogatu, L. Benea, Effect of the Applied Current Density and Deposition Time on Electro-Codeposition Process of Cobalt Matrix Reinforced with Nano-CeO2 full text PDF
  31. Zhu-Wen Yan, Bao-sheng Wang, He-nan Bu, Hao Li, Lei Hong, Dian-hua Zhang, Comprehensive Analysis of Metal Deformation Law Based on Numerical Simulation of Cold Rolling Process full text PDF
  32. Shuyan Zhang, Zhibin Zhang, Xin Wang, Yangyang Gao, Xiubing Liang, Effects of Yttrium (Y) Substitution by Cerium (Ce) on Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Near-Equiatomic Alniy Medium-Entropy Amorphous Alloy Ribbons full text PDF
  33. E.R. Moldovan, C. Concheso Doria, J.L. Ocaña Moreno, L.S. Baltes, E.M. Stanciu, C. Croitoru, A. Pascu, M.H. Tierean, Geometry Characterization of AISI 430 Stainless Steel Microstructuring Using Laser full text PDF
  34. A.B. Pop, A.V. Sandu, A. Sachelarie, A.M. Țîțu, Studying the Behavior of the C45 Material when Changing the Tool Geometry Using the Finite Element Method full text PDF
  35. Mohd Nazry Salleh, Roslaili Abdul Aziz, Chen Ruey Shan, Luqman Musa, Mohd Fairul Sharin Abdul Razak, Marcin Nabiałek, Bartłomiej Jeż, Comparison between the Tensile, Water Absorption and Flammability Properties of Recycled High-Density Polyethylene/Rice Husk Composite from Twin-Screw Extruder and Heated Two-Roll Mill full text PDF
  36. Muhammad Razlan Zakaria, Nur Aishahatul Syafiqa Mohammad Khairuddin, Mohd Firdaus Omar, Hazizan Md Akil, Muhammad Bisyrul Hafi Othman, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Shayfull Zamree Abd Rahim, Sam Sung Ting, Azida Azmi, Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Hybrid Carbon Nanotubes-Woven Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Laminated Composites via the Electrospray Deposition Method full text PDF
  37. Fakhryna Hannanee Ahmad Zaidi, Romisuhani Ahmad, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Wan Mastura Wan Ibrahim, Ikmal Hakem Aziz, Subaer Junaidi, Salmabanu Luhar, Assessment of Geopolymer Concrete for Underwater Concreting Properties full text PDF
  38. Muhammad Razlan Zakaria, Mohd Firdaus Omar, Hazizan Md Akil, Muhammad Bisyrul Hafi Othman, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Enhancement of Tensile Properties of Glass Fibre Epoxy Laminated Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes interlayer using Electrospray Deposition full text PDF
  39. V.M. Cimpoiasu, F. Radulescu, K.H. Nealson, I.C. Moga, R. Popa, Constraints of the MAX4781 CMOS Solution for Electrode Switching in Multilayer Electrochemical Probes full text PDF
  40. Masdiyana Ibrahim, Wan Mastura Wan Ibrahim, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Ahmad Syauqi Sauffi, Petrica Vizureanu, Effect of Solids-To-Liquids and Na2SiO3-To-NaOH Ratio on Metakaolin Membrane Geopolymers full text PDF
  41. Azizeh Mahdavi, Ali Reza Mashreghi, Saeed Hasani, Mohammad Reza Kamali, Reobservations of Recrystallization and its Eeffect on Mechanical and Magnetic Properties in a Severely Cold-Rolled Ni-Based Soft Magnetic Alloy full text PDF
  42. Haliza Jaya, Nik Noriman Zulkepli, Mohd Firdaus Omar, Shayfull Zamree Abd Rahim, Marcin Nabiałek, Kinga Jeż, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Optimization of Injection Moulding Process via Design of Experiment (DOE) Method based on Rice Husk (RH) Reinforced Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Composite Properties full text PDF
  43. M. Nabrdalik, M. Sobociński, Overload Stress and its Influence on Durability of Ceramic Elements in Hip and Knee Joints Endoprostheses full text PDF
  44. M. Hojny, T. Dębiński, A Novel FE/MC-based Mathematical Model of Mushy Steel Deformation with GPU Support full text PDF
  45. Z. Pirowski, A. Bitka, M. Grudzień-Rakoczy, M. Małysza, S. Pysz, P. Wieliczko, D. Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, Selection of Casting Materials for Working Parts of Machines for the Forestry Sector full text PDF
  46. M. Hosadyna-Kondracka, K. Major-Gabryś, M. Warmuzek, M. Brůna, Quality Assessment of Castings Manufactured in the Technology of Moulding Sand with Furfuryl-Resole Resin Modified with PCL Additive full text PDF
  47. Masahiko Hatakeyama, Yusuke Shimada, Naoki Kawate, Kaede Sarayama, Satoshi Sunada, The role of β (Al12Mg17) phase on corrosion behavior of the AM90 alloy in NaCl aqueous solution full text PDF
  48. A. Panichkin, A. Mamaeva, A. Kenzhegulov, Z. Karboz, Hydrogen Dilatation of V-Based Composite Membranes full text PDF
  49. R. Kosturek, L. Śnieżek, K. Grzelak, M. Wachowski, Research on the Microstructure of Laser Beam Welded Sc-Modified AA2519-F Extrusion full text PDF
  50. Haitao Liu, Yunhong Huang, Wei Wang, Ziyang Zhang, Hengyao Dang, Effect of Sodium Penetration on Microscopic Deformation of Carbon-Based Cathode Materials During Aluminum Electrolysis full text PDF
  51. Biao-Hua Que, Lu Wang, Bao Wang, Yi Chen, Zheng-Liang Xue, Influence of NaCl Additive on the Reduction Process of MoO3 to Mo2C by High-Purity CO Gas full text PDF