Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 55 / Issue 3/2010

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R. B i d u l s k y, M. A c t i s G r a n d e, A. Z a g o, Z. B r y t a n, J. B i d u l s k a, Wear Resistance of Various Type Sintered Steels Full Text PDF

K. Wi e n c e k, Logarithmiconormal Distribution in Quantitative Metallography of Disperse Carbides in Steels Full Text PDF

M. R o z m u s - G ó r n i k o w s k a, J. K u s i n s k i, M. B l i c h a r s k i, Laser Shock Processing of an Austenitic Stainless Steel Full Text PDF

K. M u s z k a, S. D y m e k, J. M a j t a, P. H o d g s o n, Microstructure and Properties of a C-Mn Steel Subjected to Heavy Plastic

Deformation Full Text PDF

M. K i e l o c h, Ł. P i e c h o w i c z, J. B o r y c a, A. K l o s, Numerical Analysis of Correlation Between Heat Consumption and the Steel Loss for Scale in the Charge Heating ProcessFull Text PDF

T. S o f i l i c, V. M e r l e, A. R a s t o v c a n - M i o c, M. C o s i c, U. S o f i l i c, Steel Slag Instead Natural Aggregate in Asphalt Mixture Full Text PDF

W. L o n g a, Calculation of Height and Structure of Melting Zone of Coke Cupolas Full Text PDF

I. D o b o s z, W. G u m o w s k a, M. U h l e m a n n, J. K o z a, Al2O3 - Co and Al2O3 - Fe Composites Obtained by the Electrochemical Method. Part II. Magnetic Properties of Co and Fe Nanowires Full Text PDF

A. G o n t a r z, R. M y s z a k, Forming of External Steps of Shafts in Three Slide Forging Press Full Text PDF

J. M i c h a l c z y k, P. C z u b a k, Methods of Determination of Maximum Amplitudes in the Transient Resonance of Vibratory Machines Full Text PDF

A. G ł o w a c z, Z. G ł o w a c z, Diagnostics of Induction Motor Based on Analysis of Acoustic Signals with Application of FFT and Classifier Based on Words Full Text PDF

M. H o j n y, Application of an Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE/IBC System in the Stamping Process of a Bathtub 1200 S Full Text PDF

P. R o m a n o w s k i, G. W n u k, J. Wy p a r t o w i c z, Kinetics of Arsenic Removal from Liquid Copper by Means of Titanium Full Text PDF

J. R y s, M. Wi t k o w s k a, Influence of Band-Like Morphology on Microstructure and Texture Evolution in Rolled Super-Duplex Steel Full Text PDF

J. B a s t, W. S i m o n, E. A b d u l l a h, Investigation of Cogs Defects Reason in Green Sand Moulds Full Text PDF

W. B a t k o, L. M a j k u t, Classification of Phase Trajectory Portraits in the Process of Recognition the Changes in Technical Condition of Monitored Machines and Constructions Full Text PDF

M. B r z e z i n s k i, Evaluation of Vacuum Assisted Compaction Processes of Foundry Moulding Sand by Theoretical and Experimental Methods Full Text PDF

M. C h o l e w a, T. Wr ó b e l, S. T e n e r o w i c z, T. S z u t e r, Diffusion Phenomena between Alloy Steel and Gray Cast Iron in Layered Bimetallic Casting Full Text PDF

J. D a n k o, R. D a n k o, J. S t o j e k, M. G ó r n y, Filling the Model Die Casting Mould - Analysis by Means of the Leica Qwin 2.2 Program Full Text PDF

R. D a n k o, M. H o l t z e r, Moulding Sands Grain Size Investigations by Means of the Laser Method of MeasurementFull Text PDF

J. D a v i d, M. H e g e r, M. V r o ˇz i n a, L. Va l e k, Visualization of data Fields Full Text PDF

Ł. D w o r z a k, T. M i k u l c z y n s k i, Automation of Foundry Processes with Grafpol Method Full Text PDF

A. F e d o r y s z y n, P. Z y z a k, Charactersitics of the Outer Surface Layer in Casts Subjected to Shot Blasting Treatment Full Text PDF

Z. G ó r n y, S. K l u s k a - N a w a r e c k a, D. Wi l k - K o ł o d z i e j c z y k, Attribute-Based Knowledge Representation in the Process of Defect Diagnosis Full Text PDF

Z. G ó r n y, S. K l u s k a - N a w a r e c k a, D. Wi l k - K o ł o d z i e j c z y k, K. R e g u l s k i, Diagnosis of Casting Defects using Uncertain and Incomplete Knowledge Full Text PDF

K. H a b e r l, W. K. K r a j e w s k i, P. S c h u m a c h e r, Microstructural Features of the Grain-Refined Sand Cast AlZn20 Alloy Full Text PDF

J. J a k u b s k i, S. M. D o b o s z, The Usage of Data Mining Tools for Green Moulding Sands Quality Control Full Text PDF

K. J a n e r k a, D. B a r t o c h a, J. S z a j n a r, J. J e z i e r s k i, The Carburizer Influence on the Crystallization Process and the Microstructure of Synthetic Cast Iron Full Text PDF

B. K a l a n d y k, J. K a l a n d y k, A Methodology of Experimental Research on Corrosive-Erosive Wear Behaviour of Iron Alloys in Mine Water Full Text PDF

Z. K o n o p k a, M. Ł a g i e w k a, M. N a d o l s k i, A. Z y s k a, Theoretical Analysis of the AlSi10Mg Alloy Suspension Manufacturing by the RFS Process Full Text PDF

T. M i k u l c z y n s k i, S. C i s k o w s k i, Mathematical Modelling of Impulse Compaction Process of Moulding Sands – Simulation and Experimental Research Full Text PDF

T. P a c y n i a k, R. K a c z o r o w s k i, Investigations of Polystyrene Pre-Expansion Process by Use of the Test Stand Equipped with Batch Pre-Expander Full Text PDF

M. P e r z y k, A. S o r o c z y n s k i, J. K o z ł o w s k i, Applications of Rough Sets Theory in Control of Foundry Processes Full Text PDF

J. P i e k ł o, S. P y s z, M. M a j, Stress Models for an Assessment of the Impact of Casting Defects on Static and Fatigue Cast Material Strength Full Text PDF

S. P i e t r o w s k i, New High Materials for Machinery and Foundry Devices Full Text PDF

T. R e c, A. M i l e n i n, Numerical Modeling of Macrosegregation and Stress-Strain State Distribution in Slab During Continue Casting with Soft Reduction Full Text PDF

I. S p i c k a, M. H e g e r, J. F r a n z, The Mathematical-Physical Models and the Neural Network Exploitation for Time Prediction of Cooling Down Low Range Specimen Full Text PDF

A. S t a w o w y, A. M a c i o ł, R. Wr o n a, Casting Process Selection using Business Rules Approach Full Text PDF

E. T e n, I. B a d m a z h a p o v a, Technologies of Refining and Recycling of Copper and Copper Alloys Full Text PDF

R. W ł a d y s i a k, Effect of Water Mist on Cooling Process of Casting Die and Microstructure Of AlSi11 Alloy Full Text PDF

S. Wo l n y, S. D z i k, Dynamic Problems Involved in Operation of Selected Elements of Crane Installations Used in the Foundry Engineering Full Text PDF

E. Z i ó ł k o w s k i, R. Wr o n a, K. S m y k s y, Analysis and Assessment of Foundry Moulding Sand Preparing Process Using the Dynamic Power Measurement Method Full Text PDF

J. Z y c h, Ł. J a m r o z o w i c z, Advancement of the Hardening Front in Forms and Cores Made of Quickly Bonding Composites – Ultrasonic Analyses Full Text PDF

A. Z y s k a, Z. K o n o p k a, M. Ł a g i e w k a, M. N a d o l s k i, Characteristics of Squeeze Cast AlZn5Mg Alloy Castings Full Text PDF

P. Z y z a k, Characteristic of a Shot Stream in a Rotor Cleaning Machine Full Text PDF