Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 56 / Issue 2/2011

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P. B r z i a k, M. Ł o m o z i k, R. M i z u n o, F. M a t s u d a, Repair Welding of SQV2A Pressure Vessel Steel by Temper Bead Techniques Without Post Welding Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

R. D a b r o w s k i, The Kinetics of Phase Transformations during Continuous Cooling of Ti6Al4V Alloy from the Diphase α+β Range Full Text PDF

M. K a r a l i, Examination of the Strength and Ductility of AA-1050 Material Shaped with the Multi-Stage Deep Drawing Method Full Text PDF

W. L o n g a, Massive, Volumetric and Energetic Effects of Coal Exchange Between Coke and Exhaust Gases at Various Levels of Cupola Processing Stack Full Text PDF

H. P a u l, T. B a u d i n, F. B r i s s e t, The Effect of the he Strain Path and the Second Phase Particles on the Microstructure and the Texture Evolution of the AA3104 Alloy Processed by ECAP Full Text PDF

A. P a w ł o w s k i, C. S e n d e r o w s k i, Z. B o j a r, J. B o n a r s k i, Ł. M a j o r, Detonation Deposited Fe-Al Coatings Part III: Morphology of the Ni(Cr) and Ni(Al) Interlayers and Fe-Al Coating Sprayed Onto the 045 Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

E. R u d n i k, J. S o b e s t o, Cyclic Voltammetric Studies of Tellurium in Diluted HNO3 Solutions Full Text PDF

D. S ł o t a, Reconstruction of the Boundary Condition during the Binary Alloy Solidification Full Text PDF

B. S t y p u ł a, M. S t a r o w i c z, M. H a j o s, E. O l e j n i k, Electrochemical Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles during Anodic Dissolution of Zinc in Alcohols Solvents Full Text PDF

M. S u ł o w s k i, A. C i a s, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cr-Mn Structural PM Steels Full Text PDF

G. W n u k, Experimental Study on Thermodynamics of the Cu-Ni-Sn-Bi Liquid Alloys Full Text PDF

W. Wo ł c z y n s k i, T. O k a n e, C. S e n d e r o w s k i, B. K a n i a, D. Z a s a d a, J. J a n c z a k - R u s c h, Meta-Stable Conditions of Diffusion Brazing Full Text PDF

T. D o m a n s k i, A. B o k o t a, Numerical Models of Hardening Phenomena of Tools Steel Base on the TTT and CCT Diagrams Full Text PDF

A. K u l a w i k, A. B o k o t a, Modelling of Heat Treatment of Steel with the Movement of Coolant Full Text PDF

L. S o w a, A. B o k o t a, Numerical Model of Thermal and Flow Phenomena the Process Growing of the CC Slab Full Text PDF

B. H a d a ł a, A. C e b o - R u d n i c k a, Z. M a l i n o w s k i, A. G o ł d a s z, The Influence of Thermal Stresses and Strand Bending on Surface Defects Formation in Continuously Cast Strands Full Text PDF

A. G o n t a r z, A. D z i u b i n s k a, Ł. O k o n, Determination of Friction Coefficients at Elevated Temperatures for Some Al, Mg and Ti Alloys Full Text PDF

K. L a b e r, H. D y j a, M. K w a p i s z, Numerical Modelling of the Cooling Ability of Device for the Plain Round Bars Accelerated Cooling Process Full Text PDF

K. P e r z y n s k i, Ł. M a j o r, Ł. M a d e j, M. P i e t r z y k, Analysis of the Stress Concentration in the Nanomultilayer Coatings Based on Digital Representation of the Structure Full Text PDF

E. P i e c z y s k a, J. D u t k i e w i c z, F. M a s d e u, J. L u c k n e r, R. M a c i a k, Investigation of Thermomechanical Properties of Ferromagnetic NiFeGa Shape Memory Alloy Subjected to Pseudoelastic Compression Test Full Text PDF

W. P i e k a r s k a, M. K u b i a k, A. B o k o t a, Numerical Simulation of Thermal Phenomena and Phase Transformations in Laser-Arc Hybrid Welded Joints Full Text PDF

J. A d a m u s, P. L a c k i, J. Ł y z n i a k, M. Z a w a d z k i, Analysis of Spring-Back during Forming of the Element Made of AMS 5604 Steel Full Text PDF

J. A d a m u s, P. L a c k i, W. Wi e c k o w s k i, Numerical Simulation of the Fine Blanking Process of Sheet Titanium Full Text PDF

T. B a l a w e n d e r, T. S a d o w s k i, M. K n e c, Technological Problems and Experimental Investigation of Hybrid: Clinched – Adhesively Bonded Joint Full Text PDF

H. D y j a, M. K n a p i n s k i, M. K w a p i s z, J. S n o p e k, Physical Simulation of Controlled Rolling and Accelerated Cooling for Ultrafine-Grained Steel Plates Full Text PDF

P. L a c k i, K. A d a m u s, K. Wo j s y k, M. Z a w a d z k i, Z. N i t k i e w i c z, Modeling of Heat Source Based on Parameters of Electron Beam Welding Process Full Text PDF

H. P a u l, M. F a r y n a, M. P r a z m o w s k i, R. B a n s k i, Changes in the Bonding Zone of Explosively Welded Sheets Full Text PDF

J. S e n d e r s k i, M. L e c h - G r e g a, B. P ł o n k a, Studies of Advanced Technologies Used in the Manufacture of Products from Aluminium Alloys Full Text PDF

M. K w a p i s z, M. K n a p i n s k i, H. D y j a, K. L a b e r, Analysis of the Effect of the Tool Shape on the Stress and Strain Distribution in the Alternate Extrusion and Multiaxial Compression Process Full Text PDF

P. S z o t a, S. M r ó z, A. S t e f a n i k, H. D y j a, Numerical Modelling of the Working Rolls Wear during Rods Rolling Process Full Text PDF

R. B. P e c h e r s k i, P. S z e p t y n s k i, M. N o w a k, An Extension of Burzynski Hypothesis of Material Effort Accounting for the Third Invariant of Stress Tensor Full Text PDF

K. K o w a l c z y k - G a j e w s k a, Micromechanical Model of Polycrystalline Materials with Lamellar Substructure Full Text PDF

D. K u c, J. G a w a d, Modelling of Microstructure Changes during Hot Deformation using Cellular Automata Full Text PDF

J. M i c h a l c z y k, T. B a j o r, Study on the Influence of Temperature, Velocity and Shape of Tools on the Combined Process of Extrusion and Broaching of the Deep Sleeve with the Bottom Made of the AZ31 Alloy Full Text PDF

A. S t e f a n i k, H. D y j a, P. S z o t a, S. M r ó z, Determination of the Critical Value of Normalized Cocroft – Latham Criterion during Multi Slight Rolling Based on Tensile Test Full Text PDF

Z. G r o n o s t a j s k i, M. H a w r y l u k, M. K a s z u b a, S. P o l a k, A. N i e c h a j o w i c z, S. Wa l c z a k, D. J a b ł o n s k i, Die Profile Optimization for Forging Constant Velocity Joint Casings Full Text PDF

A. S k r z a t, Fuzzy Logic Application to Strain-Stress Analysis in Selected Elastic-Plastic Material Models Full Text PDF