Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 62 / Issue 4/2017

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  1. U. Gökmen, M. Türker, An Analysis of Rheological Properties of Inconel 625 Superalloy Feedstocks Formulated with Backbone Binder Polypropylene System for Powder Injection Molding full text PDF
  2. A. Dębski, B. Onderka, W. Gąsior, T. Gancarz, Phase Equilibria in the Bi-In-Sn-Zn System. Thermal Analysis vs. Calculations full text PDF
  3. M. Azizieh, R. Pourmansouri, Z. Balak, H. Kafashan, M. Mazaheri, H. Seop Kim, The Application of Friction Stir Processing to the Fabrication of Magnesium-Based Foams full text PDF
  4. B. Ertuğ, B. Nilgün Çetiner, H. Gökçe, Z. Engin Erkmen, M. Lütfi Öveçoğlu, Investigation of Indentation Fracture Toughness (KIC) and Weibull Parameters of 0.25Li2O.2SiO2-0.75BaO.2SiO2 Glass-Ceramic full text PDF
  5. Z. Ebrahimi, Modeling of Eutectic Formation in Al-Si Alloy Using a Phase-Field Method full text PDF
  6. M. Piasecka, K. Strąk, B. Grabas, Vibration-Assisted Laser Surface Texturing and Electromachining for the Intensification of Boiling Heat Transfer in a Minichannel full text PDF
  7. M. Wronski, K. Wierzbanowski, S. Wronski, B. Bacroix, P. Lipinski, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Asymmetric Rolling of 6061 Aluminum Alloy Using Two-Scale Elasto-Plastic Constitutive Relation full text PDF
  8. S. Islak, Wear Characteristics of FeW/FeW-B4C Coatings Produced by TIG Process full text PDF
  9. M.W. Richert, G. Boczkal, A. Hotloś, P. Pałka, M. Karpiński, Tribological Wear Behaviour of Electrical Contacts Made from AgNi10 Composite full text PDF
  10. H. Adrian K. Wiencek, Austenite Grain Size Estimtion from Chord Lengths of Logarithmic-Normal Distribution full text PDF
  11. A. Hamdollahzadeh, H. Omidvar, A. Amirnasiri, Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of X70 Steel Welded Joints through Hardness Mapping and Tensile Strength Testing full text PDF
  12. G.-Z. Quan, X. Wang, Y.-L. Li, L. Zhang, Analytical Descriptions of Dynamic Softening Mechanisms for Ti-13Nb-13Zr Biomedical Alloy in Single Phase and Two Phase Regions full text PDF
  13. P. Łada, A. Miazga, P. Bazarnik, K. Konopka, Microstructure Characterization of Composite from ZrO2 - Ti System full text PDF
  14. P. Sochacka, A. Miklaszewski, M. Jurczyk, The Influence of Mo Content on Phase Transformation in Ti-Mo Alloys full text PDF
  15. A. Zieliński, J. Dobrzański, H. Purzyńska, R. Sikora, M. Dziuba-Kałuża, Z. Kania, Evaluation of Creep Strength of Heterogeneous Welded Joint in HR6W Alloy and Sanicro 25 Steel full text PDF
  16. D. Ozimina, M. Madej, J. Kowalczyk, Determining the Tribological Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings Lubricated with Biodegradable Cutting Fluids full text PDF
  17. T. Ratajski, I. Kalemba-Rec, B. Dubiel, Influence of PAA on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Electrophoretically Deposited SiO2 and Ni/SiO2 Coatings on X2CrNiMo17-12-2 Steel full text PDF
  18. T. Pała, I. Dzioba, Determination of Strain and Stress Fields in Welded Joints of S960-QC Steel full text PDF
  19. M. Dudek-Burlikowska, Monitoring of the Production Processing in a Metallurgical Company Using FMEA Method full text PDF
  20. M. Staszuk, D. Pakuła, M. Pancielejko, T. Tański, L.A. Dobrzański, Investigations on Wear Mechanisms of PVD Coatings on Carbides and Sialons full text PDF
  21. M. Kciuk, S. Lasok, Corrosion Resistance of X5CrNi18-10 Stainless Steel full text PDF
  22. S. Topolska, J. Łabanowski, Environmental Degradation of Dissimilar Austenitic 316L and Duplex 2205 Stainless Steels Welded Joints full text PDF
  23. M. Adamiak, B. Wyględacz, A. Czupryński, J. Górka, A Study of Susceptibility and Evaluation of Causes of Cracks Formation in Braze-Weld Filler Metal in Lap Joints Aluminum - Carbon Steel Made with Use of CMT Method and High Power Diode Laser full text PDF
  24. Z. Brytan, Comparison of Vacuum Sintered and Selective Laser Melted Steel AISI 316L full text PDF
  25. J. Roemer, L. Pieczonka, M. Juszczyk, T. Uhl, Nondestructive Testing of Ceramic Hip Joint Implants with Laser Spot Thermography full text PDF
  26. K. Górecki, P. Bała, T. Kozieł, G. Cios, Necessary Thermodynamics Factors to Obtain Simple Solid Solutions in High-Entropy Alloys from the Al-Ti-Co-Ni-Fe System full text PDF
  27. S. Parzych, The Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Bainitic Steel Used for Frogs in Railway Crossovers full text PDF
  28. M. Tenerowicz, M. Sułowski, The Effect of Mn Content on the Structure and Properties of PM Mn Steels full text PDF
  29. S. Biernat, A.W. Bydałek, W. Wołczyński, K. Najman, Analysis of the Possibility of Calculating the Charges on the Example of Brasses full text PDF
  30. K. Gawdzińska, L. Chybowski, W. Przetakiewicz, R. Laskowski, Application of FMEA in the Quality Estimation of Metal Matrix Composite Castings Produced by Squeeze Infiltration full text PDF
  31. D. Kopyciński, D. Siekaniec, A. Szczęsny, E. Guzik, A. Nowak, The Effect of Fe-Ti Inoculation on Solidification, Structure and Mechanical Properties of High Chromium Cast Iron full text PDF
  32. D. Nowak, B. Gal, K. Granat, G. Jaworski, R. Więcławek, Determination of Moisture Content in Synthetic Moulding Sand on the Grounds of Relative Permittivity Measurement full text PDF
  33. R. Pastirčák, J. Ščury, Effect of Pressure on the Crystallisation of AlSi7Mg Alloy full text PDF
  34. C. Rapiejko, B. Pisarek, T. Pacyniak, Effect of Intensive Cooling of Alloy AZ91 with a Chromium Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Casting full text PDF
  35. A. Vaško, Fatigue Properties of Nodular Cast Iron at Low Frequency Cyclic Loading full text PDF
  36. M. Dudek, Characteristics of Carbide Interfacial Layer Formed During Deposition of DLC Films on 316L Stainless Steel Substrate full text PDF
  37. E. Źiółkowski, Burden Optimisation of Lump Charge Materials for Foundry Furnaces full text PDF
  38. R. Bęczkowski, J. Wróbel, A. Kulawik, The Use of Numerical Modelling to Determine the Conditions of Regeneration of Medium Carbon Steel full text PDF
  39. M. Suliga, The Analysis of Force Parameters in Drawing Process of High Carbon Steel Wires in Conventional and Hydrodynamic Dies full text PDF
  40. W. Ścięźor, G. Kiesiewicz, R. Kowal, K. Franczak, J. Grzebinoga, A. Mamala, P. Kwaśniewski, Examination of Mechanical and Electrical Properties and Structure of Selected Aluminum Alloy Sheets Produced from TRC Semi-Products full text PDF
  41. P. Skubisz, A. Łukaszek-Sołek, Effect of Processing Conditions on Forgeability and Properties of Hot and Warm-Forged Steel 300M full text PDF
  42. A. Śmiglewicz, M. Jabłońska, W. Moćko, K. Kowalczyk, E. Hadasik, Properties and Structure of X30MnAlSi26-4-3 High Strength Steel Subjected To Dynamic Compression Processes full text PDF
  43. S. Kut, F. Stachowicz, G. Ryzińska, T. Mrugała, Experimental Research on the Impact of Thin-Wall Ratio and the Fillet Radius of Forming Roller on the Limiting Spinning Ratio of AMS 5504 Sheets full text PDF
  44. J. Michalczyk, The Development and Numerical Analysis of the Conical Radiator Extrusion Process full text PDF
  45. B. Mrzygłód, A. Kowalski, I. Olejarczyk-Wożenska, T. Giętka, M. Głowacki, Characteristics of ADI Ductile Cast Iron with Single Addition of 1.56% Ni full text PDF
  46. D. Pasek, J. Cebulski, Influence of Plastic Deformation During Extrusion Process on Heat Resistance Alloys Fe40Al full text PDF
  47. A. Mamala, P. Kwaśniewski, A. Nowak, J.Grzebinoga, W. Ściężor, R. Kowal, Effect of Metallic Additives to Polymer Matrix on Properties of Composite Adhesives Dedicated for Light Metal Joining full text PDF
  48. P. Golewski, T. Sadowski, Application of Conjugate Simulation for Determination of Temperature and Stress Distributions During Curing Process of Pre-Impregnated Composite Fibers full text PDF
  49. Z. Zimniak, Plastic Deformation Zone in Electromagnetic Cutting full text PDF
  50. B. Garbarz, M. Adamczyk, B. Niżnik-Harańczyk, Development of Structural Steel Containing 3÷5 wt% Al with Microlaminated Microstructure full text PDF
  51. J. Marcisz, W. Burian, R. Rozmus, J. Janiszewski, Microstructural Changes of the Nanostructured Bainitic Steel Induced by Quasi-Static and Dynamic Deformation full text PDF
  52. R. Rana, S. Chen, A. Haldar, S. Das, Mechanical Properties of a Bainitic Steel Producible by Hot Rolling full text PDF
  53. G. Junak, M. Cieśla, J. Tomczak, Selecting Parameters for Bending of Tubes Made of the X70 Steel by Numerical Modelling full text PDF
  54. B. Machulec, S. Gil, W. Bialik, Similarity of Ferrosilicon Submerged Arc Furnaces with Different Geometrical Parameters full text PDF
  55. J. Okrajni, A. Marek, The Attempt of the Low-Cycle Fatigue Life Description of Chosen Creep-Resistant Steels under Mechanical and Thermal Interactions full text PDF
  56. M. Hyrcza-Michalska, Research on Liquid Forming Process of Nickel Superalloys Thin Sheet Metals full text PDF
  57. J. Przondziono, E. Hadasik, J. Szala, Electrochemical Corrosion of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with Additive Lithium full text PDF
  58. L. Cizek, S. Rusz, O. Hilser, R. Śliwa, D. Kuc, T. Tański, M. Tkocz, Microstructure and Properties of Selected Magnesium-Aluminum Alloys Prepared for SPD Processing Technology full text PDF
  59. A. Białobrzeski, J. Pezda, A. Jarco, Modification of Aluminium-Silicon Near-Eutectic Alloy with Use of Electrolysis of Sodium Salt full text PDF
  60. A.W. Bydałek, P. Migas, W. Wołczyński, J. Karwan-Baczewska, The Decopperization and Coagulation by Use the Carbon-N-Ox Method full text PDF
  61. A.N. Wieczorek, Operation-Oriented Studies on Wear Properties of Surface-Hardened Alloy Cast Steels Used in Mining in the Conditions of the Combined Action of Dynamic Forces and an Abrasive Material full text PDF
  62. W. Wołczyński, C. Senderowski, B. Fikus, A.J. Panas, Solidification Mechanism of the D-Gun Sprayed Fe-Al Particles full text PDF
  63. K. Adamus, P. Lacki, Assessment of Aluminum FSW Joints Using Ultrasonic Testing full text PDF
  64. M. Wojnicki, Spectrophotometric Analysis of the Kinetic of Pd(II) Chloride Complex Ions Sorption Process from Diluted Aqua Solutions Using Commercially Available Activated Carbon full text PDF
  65. A. Glowacz, W. Glowacz, Z. Glowacz, J. Kozik, M. Gutten, D. Korenciak, Z.F. Khan, M. Irfan, E. Carletti, Fault Diagnosis of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Current Signal, MSAF-RATIO15 and Selected Classifiers full text PDF
  66. N. Gidikova, M. Sulowski, V. Petkov, R. Valov, G. Cempura, Composite Coatings of Chromium and Nanodiamond Particles on Steel full text PDF
  67. D. Janicki, Microstructural Evolution during Laser Surface Alloying of Ductile Cast Iron with Titanium full text PDF
  68. M. Król, T. Mikuszewski, D. Kuc, T. Tański, E. Hadasik, Thermal Assessment of Modified Ultra-Light Magnesium-Lithium Alloys full text PDF
  69. T. Jung, W. Kwaśny, Z. Rdzawski, W. Głuchowski, K. Matus, M. Pawlyta, M. Szindler, Changes in Structure of CuCr0.6 Alloy after Repetitive Corrugation Process full text PDF
  70. G. Siwiec, P. Buliński, M. Palacz, J. Smołka, L. Blacha, Investigations on the Process of Lead Removal from Cu-Pb Alloys During their Melting in Vacuum Induction Furnace full text PDF
  71. P. Ledwig, B. Dubiel, Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Composite nc-TiO2/Ni Coating on 316L Steel full text PDF
  72. W. Wołczyński, A.A. Ivanova, P. Kwapisiński, E. Olejnik, Structural Transformations Versus Hard Particles Motion in the Brass Ingots full text PDF