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A list of accepted PhD students who successfully passed qualification procedure in year 2011

1. Msc Eng Pawel Czaja
Supervisor: Associate Professor Wojciech Maziarz
Ni-Mn-based Heusler magnetic shape memory alloys: preparation and characterization

2. Msc Eng Piotr Drzymała
Supervisor: Associate Professor Jan Bonarski
Improvement of properties of Mg construction alloys - importance of microstructure

3. Msc Krzysztof Głowinski
Supervisor: Associate Professor Adam Morawiec
Geometric characterization of grain boundary networks in polycrystalline materials

4. Msc Eng Jakub Kawalko
Supervisor: Professor Krzysztof Sztwiertnia
Strengthening of titanium and titanium alloys via severe plastic deformation. Application of titanium and its alloys for new generation of dental implants

5. Msc Eng Katarzyna Kubok
Supervisor: Associate Professor Lidia Litynska-Dobrzynska
Biodegradable magnesium alloys for medical applications

6. Msc Aldona Mzyk
Supervisor: Professor Boguslaw Major
Multiscale surface functionalization of blood contacting materials

7. Msc Eng Zbigniew Starowicz
Supervisor: Professor Pawel Zieba
Investigation of semiconductor quantum nanostructures and plasmonic structures for photovoltaic applications

8. Msc Marcela Trybuła
Supervisor: Associate Professor Wladyslaw Gasior
Simulations of the thermodynamic and physical properties of liquid Al-Zn-Li alloys in terms of free volume theory and molecular dynamics techniques

A list of accepted PhD students who successfully passed qualification procedure in year 2010

1. MSc Piotr Bobrowski
Supervisor: Associate Professor Marek Faryna
Application of three dimensional high resolution orientation microscopy for microstructure characterization

2. MSc Marta Gajewska
Supervisor: Associate Professor Jerzy Morgiel
AlN reinforced aluminium alloys

3. MSc Honorata Kazimierczak
Supervisor: Associate Professor Piotr Ozga
Electrodeposition of Zn-Mo alloy layers from citrate solutions

4. MSc Grażyna Kulesza
Supervisor: Professor Paweł Zięba
Influence of the acid and alkaline texturization processes on basic opto- electronics parameters of the silicon solar cells

5. MSc Jagoda Poplewska
Supervisor: Associate Professor Henryk Paul
Influence of zirconium on microstructural and textural changes of severely deformed aluminum alloys

6. MSc Katarzyna Stan
Supervisor: Associate Professor Lidia Lityńska
Aluminium alloys strengthened with quasicrystalline particles