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Presentations showing PhD progress

Year II

Student Title of presentation
Paweł Czaja Ni-Mn based ferromegnetic shape memory alloys: formation and characterization
Piotr Drzymała Microstructural conditions of the improvement of properties of Mg construction alloys
Krzysztof Głowiński A Toolbox for Geometric Grain Boundary Characterization
Jakub Kawałko Strengthening of hexagonal materials by severe plastic deformation. Titanium for new generation of dental implants
Katarzyna Kubok Biodegradable magnesium alloys for medical applications
Aldona Mzyk Multiscale surface functionalization of blood contacting materials
Zbigniew Starowicz Investigation of semiconductior qutantum nanostructures and plasmonic structures for photovoltaic applications
Marcela Trybuła Thermodynamic and physical properties of liquid alloys. Theory vs experiment

Year III

Student Title of presentation
Piotr Bobrowski Electron backscatter diffraction as a tool for three dimensional orientation analysis
Marta Gajewska Aluminium matrix nano-composite reinforced with aluminium nitrides
Honorata Kazimierczak The electrodeposition of Zn-Mo and Zn-Sn-Mo alloys from citrate electrolytes
Grażyna Kulesza Influence of the acid and alkaline texturization process on basic opto-electronic parameters of the silicon solar cells electronic parameters of the silicon solar cells
Jagoda Poplewska Influence of zirconium and scandium on microstructural and textural changes of severely deformed aluminum alloys
Katarzyna Stan Aluminium base alloys strengthened by quasicrystalline particles

Updated: 14th December 2012