Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 56 / Issue 1/2011

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R. D a b r o w s k i, R. D z i u r k a, Tempering Temperature Effects on Hardness and Impact Toughness Of 56NiCrMo7 Steel Full Text PDF

W. G a s i o r, P. F i m a, Z. M o s e r, Modeling of the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Fe-Ni and Fe-Co Alloys from the Surface Tension Data Full Text PDF


Z. G ł o w a c z, Automatic Recognition of Armature Current of DC Motor with Application of FFT and GSDM Full Text PDF


B. H u t e r a, D. D o r o z y n s k i, The Effect of Chemical Structure of Foundry Binder Diluent on Surface Processes and Sand Strength Full Text PDF


K. K w i e c i n s k i, M. U r z y n i c o k, M. Ł o m o z i k, Practical Experience with Welding New Generation Steel PB2 Grade Assigned for Power Industry Full Text PDF


W. L o n g a, The Calculation of Height and Structure Parameters of Combustion Zone in Coke-Fired Cupolas Full Text PDF


P. M a t u s i e w i c z, W. R a t u s z e k, A. Z i e l i n s k a - L i p i e c, Recrystallization of Ferrite in Spheroidite of Fe-0.67%C Steel Full Text PDF


A. P a w ł o w s k i, C. S e n d e r o w s k i, W. Wo ł c z y n s k i, J. M o r g i e l, Ł. M a j o r, Detonation Deposited Fe-Al Coatings Part II: Transmission Electron Microscopy of Interlayers and Fe-Al Intermetallic Coating Detonation Sprayed Onto the 045 Steel Substrate Full Text PDF


R. P e r n i s, J. B i d u l s k a, T. K v a c k a j, I. P o k o r n y, Application of the Torsion Test in Calculating the Extrusion Force Full Text PDF


J. R o m a n o w s k a, Experimental Study on Thermodynamics of the Bi-Cu-Sn System Full Text PDF


P. S k u b i s z, H. A d r i a n, J. S i n c z a k, Controlled Cooling of Drop Forged Microalloyed-Steel Automotive Crankshaft Full Text PDF


I. U y g u r, Notch Behavior and Fatigue Life Predictions of Discontinuously Reinforced MMCs Full Text PDF


J. A d a m i e c, S. M u c h a, Determination Brittle Temperature Range of MSR-B Magnesium Alloy Full Text PDF


A. B e j g e r, K. G a w d z i n s k a, Identification of Structural Defects of Metal Composite Castings with the Use of Elastic Waves Full Text PDF


A. D u d e k, Investigations of Microstructure and Properties in Bioceramic Coatings used in Medicine Full Text PDF


M. H a j o s, B. S t y p u ł a, M. S t a r o w i c z, D. K a s p r z y k, Electrochemical Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in Alcoholic Electrolytes Full Text PDF


Ł. Wi e r z b i c k i, W. M a l e c, J. S t o b r a w a, B. C w o l e k, B. J u s z c z y k, Studies Into New, Environmentally Friendly Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn Brazing Alloys of Low Silver Content Full Text PDF


D. P ł u s a, M. D o s p i a ł, D. D e r e w n i c k a - K r a w c z y n s k a, P. Wi e c z o r e k, U. K o t l a r c z y k, The Domain Structure of Die-Upset Anisotropic Magnet Based on Nd-(Fe, Co)-B Alloy Full Text PDF


D. R i e g e r t, K. K o n o p k a, Analysis of the Structure of Archeological Objects - Ceramic Pottery Full Text PDF


J. S t o b r a w a, Z. R d z a w s k i, W. G ł u c h o w s k i, W. M a l e c, Ultrafine Grained Strips of Precipitation Hardened Copper Alloys Full Text PDF


R. W ł o d a r c z y k, A. D u d e k, Z. N i t k i e w i c z, Corrosion Analysis of Sintered Material Used for Low-Temperature Fuel Cell Plates Full Text PDF


M. Ya v o r s k a, J. S i e n i a w s k i, M. Z i e l i n s k a, Functional Properties of Aluminide Layer Deposited on Inconel 713 LC Ni-Based Superalloy in the CVD Process Full Text PDF


M. Z i e l i n s k a, J. S i e n i a w s k i, M. Ya v o r s k a, M. M o t y k a, Influence of Chemical Composition of Nickel Based Superalloy on the Formation of Aluminide Coatings Full Text PDF