Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 55 / Issue 4/2010

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A. W i n i o w s k i, Mechanical and Structural Properties of Joints of Stainless Steel and Titanium Brazed with Silver Filler Metals Containing TiN Full Text PDF

A. K o k o s z a, J. P a c y n a, Mechanical Stability of Retained Austenite in Unalloyed Structural Steels of Various Carbon Content Full Text PDF


H. P a u l, M. D a r r i e u l a t, N. Va n d e r e s s e, L. L i t y n s k a, M. M i s z c z y k, Microstructure of Warm Worked Zircalloy Full Text PDF

K. R z y m a n, J.-C. G a c h o n, Formation Enthalpy of AlNi3-Based Alloys with Iron Additions by Calorimetric Solution and Direct Reaction Methods Full Text PDF

I. C e n o z, Influence of Metallic die Temperature in the Solidification of Cu-10%Al-2%Fe Alloy Full Text PDF

W. L o n g a, Joint Theory of Thermal Work for Heating Zone of Coke, Coke-Gas and Gas-Fired Cupolas (based on theory of heat exchangers of H. Le Chatelier) Full Text PDF

P. B a ł a, Microstructural Characterization of New Tool Ni-Based Alloy with High Carbon and Chromium Content Full Text PDF

A. P a w ł o w s k i, C. S e n d e r o w s k i, Z. B o j a r, M. F a r y n a, Detonation Deposited Fe-Al Coatings Part I: Morphology of Ni(Al) and Cr(Ni) Transition Layers and Coatings of Fe-Al Type Sprayed on Carbon Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

A. R o m a n s k i, Factors Affect Potential Diamond Retention Capabilities in Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools Full Text PDF

B. B i e d a, A. H e n c l i k, J. K u l c z y c k a, Life Cycle Assessment in the Energy Generation Process – Variant Analysis in Metallurgical Industry Full Text PDF

A. C h y c h k o, L. D. T e n g, S. S e e t h a r a m a n, Energy Saving Effect of Slag Foaming by Carbonate Additions in EAF Process Full Text PDF

L.D. T e n g, S. S e e t h a r a m a n, M. N z o t t a, P.D. D o n g, H.L. G e, L.J. Wa n g, H.J. Wa n g, A. C h y c h k o, Retention, Recovery and Recycling of Metal Values from High Alloyed Steel Slags Full Text PDF

J. F a l k u s, L. T r e b a c z, B. Z a w a d a, Utilization of the Steelmaking Slag by Reduction with the Use of the Modified the Chemical Composition of the Input Material Full Text PDF

R. G o n z a l e z, M.A. B a r b e s, L.F. Ve r d e j a, I. R u i z - B u s t i n z a, J. M o c h ó n, R.M. D u a r t e, M. K a r b o w n i c z e k, The Nodal Wear Model (NWM) as an Alternative to Understand the Mechanisms of Flow and Wear in the Blast Furnace Crucible Full Text PDF

I. R u i z - B u s t i n z a, J. M o c h ó n, L.F. Ve r d e j a, F. G a r c i a - C a r c e d o, R. P a r r a, A New Advisor System to Detect the ’Tap Hole Whistling And Splashing’ in a Blast Furnace Full Text PDF

M.K. M o n d a l, N. M a r u o k a, S. K i t a m u r a, G.S. G u p t a, Enhancement in Bath Mixing and Plume Area in a New Degassing Process – a Computational Fluid Dynamic Study Full Text PDF

M.H. J o u l a z a d e h, F. J o u l a z a d e h, Slag; Value Added Steel Industry Byproducts Full Text PDF

P. M i g a s, M. K a r b o w n i c z e k, Interactions between Liquid Slag and Graphite During the Reduction of Metallic Oxides Full Text PDF

K. M i c h a l e k, L. C a m e k, Z. P i e g z a, V. P i l k a, J. M o r a v k a, Use of Industrially Produced Synthetic Slag at Trinecke Zelezarny, a.s Full Text PDF

Y. P o n t i k e s, P.T. J o n e s, D. G e y s e n, B. B l a n p a i n, Options to Prevent Dicalcium Silicate-Driven Disintegration of Stainless Steel Slags Full Text PDF

M. P a c k o, M. D u k a t, T. S l e b o d a, M. H o j n y, The Analysis of Multistage Deep Drawing of AA5754 Aluminum Alloy Full Text PDF