Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 54 / Issue 1/2009

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Z. Jasieński, Professor Jan Kuśnierz (1938-2007) Full Text PDF


J. Molimard, M. Darrieulat, Quantiative Analysis of Heterogeneties of Deformation with the Grid Method Full Text PDF


H. Paul, J. Driver, Effect ofShear Bands on Texture Evolution in Middle-High Stacking Fault Energy Metals as Characterized on Model Polycrystalline Copper  Full Text PDF


Z. Jasieński,A. Pawełek, A. Piątkowski,Z. Ranacłiowski, Twinning and Shear Band Formation in Channel-Die Compressed Silver Single Crystals Identified by Acoustic Emission Method  Full Text PDF


J. Tarasiuk, K. Wierzbanowski, A. Lodini, Use of Genetic Algorithms for Optimisation of Materials Properties  Full Text PDF


A. Korneva,M. Bieda,G. Korznikova,K. Sztwiertnia,A. Korznikov,TheEvolution ofthe Microstructure ofHard Magnetic FeCr30Co8 Alloy Subjected to Plastic Deformation by a Complex Load  Full Text PDF


T. Baudin, Z. Jasieński, R. Penelle, A. Piątkowski, Characteristic of Texture Evolution of Copper Single Crystals in Channel Die Compression by Electron Back Scattering Diffraction  Full Text PDF


M.S. Szczerba, P. Pałka, Experimental Studies of a Change of Dominat Slip System in Tensile Cu-6at.%Al Single Crystals  Full Text PDF


H. Paul, J. Driver, C. Maurice, M. Miszczyk,D. Piot, Deformation Microstructure and Texture Evolution of {110}(112) Al-0.3wt.%Mn Single Crystals Compressed in a Channel-Die  Full Text PDF


I. Kalemba, S.Dymek, C.Hamilton, M. Blicharski, Microstructure Evolution in Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloys  Full Text PDF


A. Pawełek, J. Kuśnierz, Z. Jasieński, Z. Ranachowski, J. Bogucka, Acoustic Emission and the Portevin - Le Chatelier Effect in Tensile Tested Al Alloys Before and After Processing by Accumulative Roll-Bonding (ARB) Technique  Full Text PDF


S. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, B. Bacroix, T. Chauveau, M. Wróbel, E. Rauch, F. Montheillet, M. Wroński, Texture Heterogeneity of Asymmetrically Cold Rolled Low Carbo Steel  Full Text PDF


E. Fraś, M. Górny, H. F. Lopez, Mechanism of the Silicon Influence on Absolute Chilling Tendency and Chill of Cast Iron  Full Text PDF


K. Wiśniewski, A. Pertek, Influence of Laser Alloying with Amorphous Boron on Structure and Microhardness of 41Cr4  Full Text PDF


K. Jagielska - Wiaderek, H. Bala, P. Wieczorek, J. Rudnicki, D. Klimecka - Tatar, Corrosion Resistance deptah Profile of Nitrided Layers on Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced at Elevated Temperatures  Full Text PDF


M. Sułowski, K. Faryj, The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Sintered Astaloy-Based Steels Produced under Different Conditions  Full Text PDF


A. Łędzki, P. Migas, R. Stachura, A. Klimczyk, M. Bernasowski, Chemical and Phase Characteristics of Titanium Compounds Produced in Iron Blast Furnace Dripping Zone  Full Text PDF


M. Dziarmagowski, T. Kargul, Production of Slag-Forming Materials in the Steelmaking Slag Reduction Process  Full Text PDF


L. Burzyńska, E. Rudnik, L. Błaż, W. Szymański, S.Jędras, Influence of Electrolysis Parameters on the Content of Dispersion Particles in Co-SiC Composites Full Text PDF


J. Norwisz, B. Boryczko, A. Hołda, Z. Kolenda, Thermo -Ecological Cost Analysis ofShaft and Flash Smelting Processes ofCopper Production - General Approach Full Text PDF


L. Błaż, P. Kwapisiński, Simple Matematical Model for Prediction of Recrystallization in CopperFull Text PDF


J. Giełżycki, T. Telejko, J. Falku s, M. Kania, Velocity Field Determination using Simple PIV Method  Full Text PDF


Z. Kalicka, E. Kawecka-Cebul a, K. Pytel, Application of the Iida Model for Estimation of Slag Viscosity for Al2O3-Cr2O3-CaO-CaF2 Systems  Full Text PDF


D. Zivkovic, I. Mihajlovic, Z. Zivkovic, A Contribution to the Thermodynamic Study of the (Cu, Co)-Ni-Zn Systems  Full Text PDF


B. Mikułowski, G. Boczkal, Zn-Ti Single Crystals Deformed Along the Basal Slip System Full Text PDF


P. Ranachowski, F. Rejmund, M. Jaroszewski, K. Wieczorek, Study ofStructural Degradation ofCeramic Material ofInsulators in Long Term Operation  Full Text PDF


D. Myszka, T. Babul, K. Stoberska, Detonation Sprayed Coatings Al2O3-TiO2 and WC/Co on ADI Investment Castings Full Text PDF


K. Nalepka, P. Nalepka, Analysis of Quantum Efficiency of thin Film Solar Cell Based on Formulated Additive Model Full Text PDF


J. Krawczyk, P. Bała, Optimalization of Heat and Thermo-Chemical Treatment of 50CrMoV18-30-6 Steel for Hot Forging Dies Full Text PDF


M. Gwoździk, Z. Nitkiewicz, Wear Resistance of Steel Designed for Surgical Instruments after Heat and Surface Treatments  Full Text PDF


D. Klimecka-Tatar, H. Bala, B. Ślusarek, K. Jagielska-Wiaderek, The Effect of Consolidation Method on Electrochemical Corrosion of Polymer Bonded Nd-Fe-B Type Magnetic Materials  Full Text PDF