Scientific Co-operation

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The list of bilateral scientific co-operation being in progress at the
Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.



Foreign partner




Investigations of structure and properties of materiale for nuclear industry

prof. Henryk Paul

Laboratoire Physico-Chimie des Solides, Universite  de  Paris- Sud,   Orsay

dr Thierry Baudin




Phase transitions in Al-alloys driven by the severe plastic deformation (2011-2013)

prof. Paweł Zięba

Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Sciences.

prof. Boris Straumal



The influence of the intensive deformation on the structure and physical properties of intermetallic phases of close packed structure and amorphous phases.

prof. Tomasz Czeppe

Institute for Metal Superplasticity Problems Russian Academy of Science.

prof. Galia Korznikowa



The use of the severe plastic deformation for formation of the submicrocrystalline and nanocrystalline structure in the Al-base, and Mg-base alloys

prof. Jan Dutkiewicz

Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Russian Academy of Science.

prof. Lazar Rokhlin





Acoustic and intensive strain methods in the investigations of Mg -Li alloys and composites subjected to channel-die compression.

dr Andrzej Piątkowski

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAV, Bratysława

dr Stanislav Kudela




X-ray structural diagnostic of corrosion processes in electrodeposited zinc-based alloys.

dr Zbigniew Świątek

Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics NASU.

prof. Stepan Kiyak





Application of advanced elektron microscopy techniques for characterization of nano-composite coatings

prof. Jerzy Morgiel

Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science HAS.

dr Janos Labar




Lead-free interconnects for high temperature application manufactured using transient liquid chase bonding.

prof. Paweł Zięba

Eindhoven University of Technology

Laboratory of Materials and Interface Chemistry

dr A. Kodentsov






Analysis of crystallographic orientations and microstructure, X-ray texture tomography, and stress evaluation applied for understanding the mechanisms occurring during mineralization processes of advanced bio-materials

prof. Jan Bonarski

University of Granada,

prof. A. Checa

prof. A.R. Navarro



Development of novel magnetic shape memory alloys

prof. Jan Dutkiewicz

University of Balearic Islads, Department of Physics
prof. Eduard Cesari





Application of a new method of simultaneous measurement of surface tension, density and viscosity for use in soldering materials and new alloys for the automotive industry. (2008-2013)

prof. Władysław Gąsior

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering,University of Alberta

prof. H.Henein



Struktura i własności nanokryształów stosowanych w przemyśle maszynowym, lotniczym i jako biomateriały (2009-2014)

prof. Jan Dutkiewicz

University of Saskatchewan, College of Engineering

prof. Jerzy Szpunar





Amorphous metallic alloys-relaxation, viscous flow, crystallization, mechanical and other properties for their application.

prof. Tomasz Czeppe

Institute for Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies "Acad. A. Balevski" with Hydroaerodynamics Centre

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

prof. Krassimir Russew




Rozwój biomimetycznych cienkich warstw dla urządzeń wspomagania serca: nowe strategie bazujące na próżniowym nanoszeniu samoorganizujących się biomateriałów (2012-2014)

dr inż. Roman Major

Joanneum Research Forschungsges.m.b.H Laser Center Leoben

dr Jurgen M. Lackner





Metal base composites prepared using powder metallurgy and semisolid forming methods


prof. Jan Dutkiewicz

University of Leicester

Mechanics of Materials Reseach Group

Prof. Helen Atkinson