Volume 64 / Issue 4/2019

Uwaga, otwiera nowe okno. PDFDrukuj

in progress

  1. M. Jasiński, K. Ziewiec, M. Wojciechowska, Real Time Thermal Imaging of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell full text PDF
  2. B. Pawłowska, R.E. Śliwa, M. Zwolak, Possibilities to Obtain Products from 2024 and 7075 Chips in the Process of Consolidationby KoBo Extrusion full text PDF
  3. P. Kwolek, A. Gradzik, D. Szeliga, B. Kościelniak, Selective Corrosion of Al2Cu Intermetallic Phase in Orthophosphoric Acid Aqueous Solutions full text PDF
  4. C. Jasiński, A. Kocańda, Ł. Morawiński, S. Świłło, A New Approach to Experimental Testing of Sheet Metal Formability for Automotive Industry full text PDF
  5. J. Miettinen, V-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, N. Milcheva, G. Vassilev, Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 5: Fe-B-Si full text PDF
  6. J. Miettinen, V-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, N. Milcheva, G. Vassilev, Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 6: Fe-B-Ti full text PDF
  7. Wei Wang, Weijie Chen,, Raman Spectroscopy Studies of Carbon-Based Cathode Materials during Aluminum Electrolysis full text PDF
  8. T. Sadowski, M. Nowicki, P. Golewski, The Influence of the Use of Fasteners with Different Stiffness in Hybrid Joints Subjected to Complex Mechanical Loads full text PDF
  9. G. Gumienny, B. Kurowska, P. Just, The Effect of Manganese on the Crystallisation Process, Microstructure and Selected Properties of Compacted Graphite iron full text PDF
  10. B. Dittert, M. Wiessner, P. Angerer, J.M. Lackner, H. Leichtfried, Tailored Al2O3-Al2TiO5-TiO2 Composite Ceramics from different Titanium Precursors full text PDF
  11. P. Drożdż, The Influence of the Superheat Temperature on the Slab Structure in the Continuous Steel Casting Process full text PDF
  12. M. Suliga, R. Wartacz, The Influence of the Angle of Working Part of Die on the Zinc Coating Thickness and Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel Wires full text PDF
  13. P. Salwa, T. Goryczka, Influence of Milling Time on Formation of NiTi Alloy Produced by High-Energy Ball Milling full text PDF
  14. A. Mazurek, M. Trzaska, Structure and Properties of Ni/Diamond Nanocrystalline Coatings full text PDF
  15. K. Pachut, J. Żelechowski, S. Boczkal, Application of X-Ray Diffraction to Analyse Phase Composition of Aluminium Alloys for Plastic Working full text PDF
  16. K. Dybowski, G. Romaniak, P. Kula, A. Jeziorna, P. Kowalczyk, R. Atraszkiewicz, Ł. Kołodziejczyk, D. Nowak, P. Zawadzki, M. Kucińska, Impact of the Method of Separating Graphene from the Growth Substrate on the Quality of the 2D Material Obtained full text PDF
  17. M. Nowak, J. Mizera, A. Kłyszewski, A. Dobkowska, S. Boczkal, A. Kozik, P. Koprowski, Effect of Various Organic Additives in Galvanic Bath on Properties of Ni-SiC Composite Coatings full text PDF
  18. A. Kozik, M. Nowak, K. Gędłek, D. Leśniak, J. Zasadziński, H. Jurczak, Anodic Oxide Coatings on Aluminium Resistant to Strong Alkali Environment full text PDF
  19. M. Mikuśkiewicz, G. Moskal, Solid State Synthesis of Europium Zirconate Based Material full text PDF
  20. M. Suliga, M. Jabłońska, M. Hawryluk, The Effect of the Length of the Drawing Die Sizing Portion on the Energy and Force Parameters of the Medium-Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Process full text PDF
  21. S. Mróz, A. Stefanik, P. Szota, M. Kwapisz, M. Wachowski, L. Śnieżek, A. Gałka, Z. Szulc, Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Plastic Deformation the Multi-Layer Ti/Al/Mg Materials full text PDF
  22. Ł. Wójcik, Z. Pater, Physical Simulation of the Mannesmann Effect in the Rolling Process full text PDF
  23. A. Gołdasz, Z. Malinowski, A. Cebo-Rudnicka, Thermomechanical Analysis of the Charge Heating in a Rotary Furnace