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Declaration of the IMMS Director

IMMS has involved all its scientific potential and many years' experience in the fields of assessment of mechanical properties of materials, analytical electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, analysis of composition and structure as well as physico-chemical properties of materials for the improvement of management system of quality control.
The strategic objective within the scope of the quality policy in the IMMS has been the achievement of high level and reliability of the performed testing, the results of which allow us to improve technologies and proper control of the production processes in order to make the Polish metallurgical and modern construction material industry more competitive. The Institute's management and research staff, who are included in the Accredited Testing Laboratories (ATL) are fully involved in the continuation and improvement of the quality policy, especially by:

  • taking care of the continuing improvement of the ATL research staff qualifications by providing trainings, workshops, special lectures, including those organized by the Institute.
  • assurance of financial sources necessary for the periodic inspections, repairs and removal of failures of research infrastructure used in the ATL,
  • gathering funds to purchase new research equipment,
  • obtaining feedback from customers, both positive and negative (this information is analysed in detail to improve the management system),
  • determination of reasonable values of required characteristics of tested objects, representative for the studied problems,
  • the timely preparation of test reports including all the information requested by the customer, presented in a clear and objective form,
  • providing information necessary to diagnose facts and to allow for an appropriate action,
  • development of the complete documentation of the process and its archiving in a period agreed or consistent with the provisions, in the form providing easy access and document security,
  • setting new goals, related to the presence of Poland in the EU, involving the accredited research offer through participation in networks of Centers of Excellence and the implementation of European research projects.

Considering the above, Laboratories L-1 through L-6 have flexibility, taking into account the requirements of the client, including modification of general research methods and procedures, in order to keep pace with the technical and technological progress. The Heads of Laboratories are directly responsible for these tasks. Flexibility in methods modification will not cause any significant changes in relation to a specific scope of the PCA accreditation. Moreover, having a flexible scope by the ATL does not mean, that we are more competent to perform specific scope of accreditation tests than other testing laboratories.
The management system of the ATL is consistent with the policy of the Polish Centre of Accreditation. The ATL staff acts according to principles determined in the Quality Book and no deviation from these procedures is assumed, except for a content-related justified case, each time accepted by the Director of the Institute.
According to the above, The Management of the Institute declares the obligation to keep the conformity with the requirements of the standard PN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005+Ap1:2007 as well as with the PCA documents, particularly with the DA 10, EA-2/05 and EA-2/15 document and to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system by the use of the policy of quality, objectives referred to quality, results of audits, data analysis, correcting and preventing activities and finally through the management inspection. The Management of the Institute also provides that, in accordance with the point 4.1.6 PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 communication processes in the whole the ATL, as well as within the laboratory are appropriate and that communication takes place regarding the effectiveness of the management system.
Due to the fact that the team of IMMS PAS Laboratories has a flexible scope, I declare to maintain this range and continue its improvement.
I recognize THE QUALITY OF ELABORATIONS AND SERVICES, following the above standard as a factor which determines the activity of IMMS PAS.
The Director's Proxy, authorized by the Management (in his absence the Deputy Head of the ATL), is responsible for the quality policy.
In order to ensure the access to the highest levels of management the Deputy Head in charge of Quality System, who is also the Head of the ATL, takes part in the meetings of the Scientific Board of the Institute and Colleges.
The ATL management and persons performing tests are independent of any pressures from in- and outside (like business, financial and official ones), which might affect the carried out technical assessments. Their payment does not depend directly on the number and results of testing.
I declare that all the staff is familiar with the ATL policy of quality, has constant access to the documents describing the quality system, knows their content and applies them in practice.
Our aim is a continuous improvement of the management system efficiency in order to ensure:


Director of the Institute

Prof. Paweł Zięba