Volume 61 / Issue 1/2016


  1. L.B. Magalas, Andrew Granato: A Memorial Tribute Full Text PDF

  2. D. Mari, Professor Robert Schaller: Zener Medalist Full Text PDF

  3. L.B. Magalas, Professor Qing-Ping Kong: Zener Medalist Full Text PDF

  4. B. Zhang, H. Wagner, M. Büchsenschütz-Göbeler, Y. Luo, S. Küchemann, W. Arnold, K. Samwer, Measurement of the Indentation Modulus and the Local Internal Friction in Amorphous SiO2 Using Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy Full Text PDF

  5. M.L. Lei, L. Chen, X.M. Xiong, A New Inverted Torsion Pendulum-Based Mechanical Spectrometer to Study Soft Matter Full Text PDF

  6. P.S. Silva Jr, J.C.C.A. Diaz, O. Florêncio, M. Venet, J.C.M'Peko, Analysis of the Phase Transitions in BNT-BT Lead-Free Ceramics Around Morphotropic Phase Boundary by Mechanical and Dielectric Spectroscopies Full Text PDF

  7. X.P. Wang, L. Song, J. Hu, Y.P. Xia, Y. Xia, Y.X. Gao, L.C. Zhang, L.B. Magalas, Q.F. Fang, Internal Friction of Li7La3Zr2O12 Based Lithium Ionic Conductors Full Text PDF

  8. J.R.S. Martins Jr, R.O. Araújo, R. A. Nogueira, C.R. Grandini, Internal Friction and Microstructure of Ti and Ti‒Mo Alloys Containing Oxygen Full Text PDF

  9. J. Kawałko, M. Bieda, K. Sztwiertnia, Microstructure of Commercial Purity Titanium Subjected to Complex Loading by the KoBo Method Full Text PDF

  10. G. Boczkal, M. Perek-Nowak, Z. Majewska, Joining of Low-Carbon Steel Sheets with Al-Based Weld Full Text PDF

  11. K. Gargul, P. Jarosz, S. Małecki, Alkaline Leaching of Low Zinc Content Iron-Bearing Sludges Full Text PDF

  12. G. Golański, I. Pietryka, J. Słania, S. Mroziński, J. Jasak, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CrMoV Steel after Long-Term Service Full Text PDF

  13. A. Góral, K. Berent, M. Nowak, B. Kania, Microstructure and Properties of Ni and Ni/Al2O3 Coatings Electrodeposited at Various Current Densities Full Text PDF

  14. I. Jonczy, Microstructures of Metallurgical Slags Full Text PDF

  15. D. Kottfer, M. Ferdinandy, L. Kaczmarek, P. Trebuňa, P. Hvizdoš, The Study of Selected Properties of Ti EB PVD Coating Deposited Onto Inner Tube Surface at Low Temperature Full Text PDF

  16. A.Dezső, G.Kaptay, On the General Material Balance Equation(S) to Calculate Quasi-Binary Sections of Multi-Component Phase Diagrams Full Text PDF

  17. Ł. Konieczny, R. Burdzik, T.Węgrzyn, Analysis of Structural and Material Aspects of Selected Elements of a Hydropneumatic Suspension System in a Passenger Car Full Text PDF

  18. D. Leśniak, M. Dziki, J. Zasadziński, W. Libura, Influence of Mg Content on Deformability of AlMg Alloys during Extrusion Full Text PDF

  19. A. Lisiecki, Effect of Heat Input During Disk Laser Bead-On-Plate Welding of Thermomechanically Rolled Steel on Penetration Characteristics and Porosity Formation in the Weld Metal Full Text PDF

  20. J. Słania, A. Sacharz - Szewczyk, Protective Coatings in the Power Boilers Used to Incinerate Waste - Fuel Characteristics of Waste as the Source of Energy Full Text PDF

  21. E. Lichańska, M. Sułowski, A. Ciaś, Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of PM Mn-Cr-Mo Steels With Low Carbon Concentration Full Text PDF

  22. Z. Świątek, A.P. Vlasov, M.V. Ivashko, R.L. Petryna, A.Yu. Bonchyk, B.S. Sokolovskii, Barrier Structures on the Basis of Graded-Band-Gap CdHgTe Obtained by Evaporation-Condensation-Diffusion Method Full Text PDF

  23. D. Hadryś, T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, Ł. Wszołek, D. Węgrzyn, Compressive Strength of Steel Frames after Welding with Micro-Jet Cooling Full Text PDF

  24. M. St. Węglowski, M. Zeman, A. Grocholewski, Effect of Welding Thermal Cycles on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Simulated Heat Affected Zone for a Weldox 1300 Ultra-High Strength Alloy Steel Full Text PDF

  25. A. Winiowski, D. Majewski, Braze Welding TIG of Titanium and Aluminium Alloy Type Al - Mg Full Text PDF

  26. K. Żaba, S. Puchlerska, M. Kwiatkowski, M. Nowosielski, M. Głodzik, T. Tokarski, P. Seibt, Comparative Analysis of Properties and Microstructure of the Plastically Deformed Alloy Inconel®718, Manufactured by Plastic Working and Direct Metal Laser Sintering Full Text PDF

  27. L.W. Żukowska, A. Śliwa, J. Mikuła, M. Bonek, W. Kwaśny, M. Sroka, D. Pakuła, Finite Element Prediction for the Internal Stresses of (Ti,Al)N Coatings Full Text PDF

  28. A. Głowacz, Recognition of Acoustic Signals of Induction Motors with the Use of MSAF10 and Bayes Classfier Full Text PDF

  29. J. Słania, R. Krawczyk, D. Masłoń, Technology of Welding Joints Mixed with Duplex Steel Full Text PDF

  30. J. Kozieł, L. Błaż, G. Włoch, J. Sobota, P. Lobry, Precipitation Processes during Non-Isothermal Ageing of Fine-Grained 2024 Alloy Full Text PDF

  31. K. Gawdzińska, K. Bryll, D. Nagolska, Influence of Heat Treatment on Abrasive Wear Resistance of Silumin Matrix Composite Castings Full Text PDF

  32. P. Sygut, D. Klimecka-Tatar, S. Borkowski, Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of Longitudinal Stress Changes on Band Dimensions During Continuous Rolling Process Full Text PDF

  33. A. Jasik, M. Mroczek,The Influence of Mechanical, and Material Factors on the Biological Adaptation Processes of the Femoral Bone Implants Full Text PDF

  34. M. Nowak, A. Najder, M. Opyrchał, S. Boczkal, J. Żelechowski, M. Bigaj, M. Gawlik, Effect Of Al2O3 Ceramic Particles on Corrosion Behaviour and Tribological Properties of Nickel Composite Coatings Full Text PDF

  35. T. Tański, W. Pakieła, D. Janicki, B. Tomiczek, M. Król, Properties of the Aluminium Alloy EN AC-51100 after Laser Surface Treatment Full Text PDF

  36. M. Karaś, M. Bigaj, A. Najder, M. Nowak, The Influence of Process Parameters on Properties of Conversion Coatings Deposited on Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

  37. A. Dobkowska, B. Adamczyk - Cieślak, J. Mizera, K.J. Kurzydłowski, A. Kiełbus, The Comparison of the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Sand Cast Aluminum Alloys Full Text PDF

  38. A. Roguska, A. Belcarz, P. Suchecki, M. Andrzejczuk , M. Lewandowska, Antibacterial Composite Layers on Ti: Role of ZnO Nanoparticles Full Text PDF

  39. M. Szymański, B. Michalski, M. Leonowicz, Z. Miazga, Structure and Properties of Nd-Fe-B Alloy Subjected to HDDR Process Full Text PDF

  40. M. Tkadlečková, L. Válek, L. Socha, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, K. Michalek, M. Kováč, Study of Solidification of Continuously Cast Steel Round Billets Using Numerical Modelling Full Text PDF

  41. B. Panic, Mathematical Model of Gas, Powder and Bed Flow in Metallurgical Shaft Furnaces Full Text PDF

  42. A. Fornalczyk, M. Kraszewski, J. Willner, J. Kaduková, A. Mrážiková, R. Marcinčáková, O. Velgosová, Dissolution of Metal Supported Spent Auto Catalysts in Acids Full Text PDF

  43. T. Maciąg, K. Rzyman, Determination of γ′+γ / γ Phase Boundary in Ni-Al-Cr System Using DTA Thermal Analysis Full Text PDF

  44. D. Halaczek, Analysis of Manufacturing Bimetallic Tubes by the Cold Drawing Process Full Text PDF

  45. J. Przondziono, E. Hadasik, Witold Walke, J. Mendala, Impact of Sterilisation and Strain Hardening in Drawing Process on Resistance to Electrochemical Corrosion of Wires Intended in Cardiology Full Text PDF

  46. S. Gil, W. Bialik, M. Saternus, A. Fornalczyk, Thermal Balance of the Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Pump for Recovery of Platinum Group Metals from Spent Auto Catalysts Full Text PDF

  47. K. Michalek, K. Gryc, L. Socha, M. Tkadlečková, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, L. Pindor, Study of Tundish Slag Entrainment Using Physical Modelling Full Text PDF

  48. A. Mrážiková J. Kaduková, R. Marcinčáková, O. Velgosová, J. Willner, A. Fornalczyk, M. Saternus, The Effect of Specific Conditions on Cu, Ni, Zn and Al Recovery from PCBs Waste Using Acidophilic Bacterial Strains Full Text PDF

  49. B. Machulec, W. Bialik, Comparison the Physico-Chemical Model of Ferrosilicon Smelting Process with Results Observations of the Process under the Industrial Conditions Full Text PDF

  50. M. Cieśla, G. Junak, A. Marek, Fatigue Characteristics of Selected Light Metal Alloys Full Text PDF

  51. M. Warzecha, S. Garncarek, T. Merder, Z. Skuza, Identification of Relevant Work Parameters of Ladle Furnace While Melting the High Ductility Steel and High-Carbon Steel Full Text PDF

  52. J. Vlček, D. Jančar, J. Burda, M. Klárová, M. Velička, P. Machovčák, Measurement the Thermal Profile of Steelmaking Ladle with Subsequent Evaluation the Reasons of Lining Damage Full Text PDF

  53. J. Cibulka, R. Krzok, R. Hermann, D. Bocek, J. Cupek, K. Michalek, Impact of Oscillation Parameters on Surface Quality of Cast Billets Full Text PDF

  54. R. Michalik, A. Tomaszewska, An Influence of Ageing on the Structure, Corrosion Resistance and Hardness of High Aluminium ZnAl40Cu3 Alloy Full Text PDF

  55. A. Cwudziński, Influence of Hydrodynamic Structure on Mixing Time of Alloy Additions with Liquid Steel in One Strand Tundish Full Text PDF

  56. E. Kawecka-Cebula, M. Karbowniczek, I. Suliga, The Effect of Slag on the Effectiveness of Phosphorus Removal from Ferrous Alloys Containing Carbon, Chromium and Nickel Full Text PDF

  57. E. Majchrzak, J. Mendakiewicz, B. Mochnacki, Estimation of Cast Iron Substitute Thermal Capacity Using the Experimental Data Full Text PDF

  58. R. Burdzik, A. Lisiecki, J. Warczek, Ł. Konieczny, P. Folęga, A. Szkliniarz, G. Siwiec, Research on Vibration Properties of Copper-Titanium Alloys Full Text PDF

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  60. J. Falkus, K. Miłkowska-Piszczek, Strategy of Cooling Parameters Selection in the Continuous Casting of Steel Full Text PDF

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  62. M. Rywotycki, Z, Malinowski, J. Falkus, K. Sołek, A. Szajding, K. Miłkowska-Piszczek, Modelling of Heat Transfer at the Solid to Solid Interface Full Text PDF

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  64. B. Dybowski, J. Szymszal, Ł. Poloczek, A. Kiełbus, Influence of the Chemical Composition on Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of the Hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg Alloys Full Text PDF

  65. W. Gąsior, J. Pstruś, Z. Moser, Influence of Zinc on the Surface Tension, Density and Molar Volume of (Ag-Sn)eut +Zn Liquid Alloys Full Text PDF

  66. K. Gruszka, M. Nabiałek, T. Noga, Ab Initio Study of Structure, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of YFe5 Phase Compound in the DFT Formalism Full Text PDF

  67. A. Kozik, M. Nowak, M. Gawlik, M. Bigaj, M. Karaś,The Effect of Dispersion Phases of SiC and Al2O3 on the Properties of Galvanic Nickel Coatings Full Text PDF

  68. B. Płonka, M. Rajda, Z. Zamkotowicz, J. Żelechowski, K. Remsak, P. Korczak, W. Szymański, L. Snieżek, Studies of the AA2519 Alloy Hot Rolling Process and Cladding with EN AW-1050A Alloy Full Text PDF

  69. I. Bednarczyk, A. Mrugala, A. Tomaszewska, Influence of Plastic Deformation Process on the Structure and Properties of Alloy WE43 Full Text PDF

  70. B. Dybowski, T. Rzychoń, B. Chmiela, A. Gryc, The Microstructure of WE43 MMC Reinforced with SiC Particles Full Text PDF

  71. S. Boczkal, A.J. Dolata, M. Nowak, Effect of SiC and GR Reinforcement Particles on the Structure and Functional Properties of Composite Casting E43 MMC Reinforced with SiC Particles Full Text PDF

  72. M. Bigaj, S. Boczkal, J. Żelechowski, M. Gawlik, M. Mitka, Heat Treated AZ61 Magnesium Alloy Obtained by Direct Extrusion and Continuous Rotary Extrusion Process Full Text PDF

  73. A.J. Dolata, Centrifugal Infiltration of Porous Ceramic Preforms by the Liquid Al Alloy - Theoretical Background and Experimental Verification Full Text PDF

  74. M. Nowak, B. Płonka, A. Kozik, M.Karaś, M. Mitka, M.Gawlik Conversion Coatings Produced on AZ61 Magnesium Alloy by Low-Voltage Process Full Text PDF

  75. T. Rzychoń, B. Dybowski, The Influence of Aluminum on the Microstructure and Hardness of Mg-5Si-7Sn Alloy Full Text PDF

  76. W. Szymański, Properties of „In Situ" 7475 Alloy Matrix Composites Reinforced Al3Ti Intermetalic Compound Extruded in Semi-Solid State Full Text PDF

  77. M. Nabiałek, Influence of the Quenching Rate on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Fe-Based Amorphous Alloy Full Text PDF

  78. K. Błoch, Structure and Soft Magnetic Properties of the Amorphous Alloys: Fe61Co10Ti3-xY6+xB20 (x = 0, 1) Full Text PDF

  79. J. Gondro, K. Błoch, P. Brągiel, M. Nabiałek, M. Szota, Curie Temperature and Microstructural Changes Due to the Heating Treatment of Magnetic Amorphous Materials Full Text PDF

  80. J. Liu, K. Ozga, X. Liu, Z. Zhen, K.J. Plucinski, M. Szota, I.V. Kityk, The Relationship between the Monomer Chain Length and the Electro-Optical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Full Text PDF

  81. M. Bieda, S. Boczkal, P. Koprowski, K. Sztwiertnia, K. Pieła, Texture and Microtexture of Pure (6N) and Commercially Pure Aluminum after Deformation by Extrusion with Forward-Backward Rotating Die (KoBo) Full Text PDF