Krzysztof Głowiński

On this website, you will find the doctoral dissertation of K.G. entitled Methods for quantitative characterization of three-dimensional grain boundary networks in polycrystalline materials that was defended in June 2015.

Moreover, you can download GBToolbox - a computer program developed by K.G. during his graduate studies containing a collection of tools  related to various aspects of grain boundary analysis.

K.G. is also the author of 'Find GBCD (Metric-Based Approach)' and 'Find GBPD (Metric-Based Approach)'  filters for DREAM.3D package. Here, you can download Mathematica scripts for visualizing data saved in output files of these filters. The scripts can also be used for plotting GBCDs generated by 'Find GBCD' filter of DREAM.3D, as well as GBCDs and GBPDs computed by codes used at Carnegie Mellon University.