Dr. Anna Tarasek


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Employment and positions

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences: assistant professor (since 2008)

Scientific Career

M.Sc.: AGH ÔÇô University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals, 2002

Ph.D.: AGH ÔÇô University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals, 2007

Scientific achievements

A total of 19 publications in   national and international journals, also 12 reports in the conference

The most important publications during last 5 years:

  1. Rogal ┼ü., Kalita D., Tarasek A., Bobrowski P., Czerwinski F.: ÔÇ×Effect of SiC nano-particles on microstructure and mecganical properties of the CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy", Journal of Alloy and Compounds, 2017, vo. 708, p. 344-352

  2. Wo┼éczy┼äski W., Tarasek A., Sypie┼ä A., Byda┼éek A.W.: ÔÇ×Copper droplets agglomeration / coagulation in the conditions similar to industrial ones", Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2017, vol. 62, No. 1, p. 307-314

  3. Pawe┼éek A., Pi─ůtkowski A., Wajda W., Skuza W., Tarasek A., Ranachowski Z., Ranachowski P., Ozgowicz W., Kudela S. Jr., Kudela S.: ÔÇ×Plastic instabilities included by the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect and fracture character of deformed Mg-Li alloys investigated using the acoustic emission method", Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2016, vol. 61, No. 2, p. 897-904

  4. Pawe┼éek A., Ozgowicz W., Ranachowski Z., Pi─ůtkowski A., Kudela S., Jr., Wajda W., Skuza W., Grzegorczyk B., Tarasek A., Kudela S.: ÔÇ×Mechanisms of plastic instability and fracture of compressed and tensile tested Mg-Li alloys investigated using acoustic emission method", Frattura ed Integrata Strutturale, 2016, vol. 35, pp.11-20

  5. Paul H., Driver J.H., Tarasek A., Wajda W., Miszczyk M.M.: ÔÇ×Mechanism of macroscopic shear band formation in plane strain compressed fine-grained aluminium", Materials Science and Engineering A, 2015, vol. 642, pp. 167-180

  6. Tarasek A., Olszowska Sobieraj B., Stolarska J., Uliasz P.: ÔÇ×The influence of the technology of microstructure formation and properties of AlMgSi alloys on the micro-cracks under load of static compression", Key Engineering Materials, 2016, vol. 682, pp. 99-106

  7. Paul H., Baudin T., Brisset F., Tarasek A.: ÔÇ×Recrystallization of ECAP-processed AA4343 aluminium alloy containing large second phase particles", Materials Science Forum, 2013, vol. 753, pp. 239-242

  8. Paul H., Baudin T., Tarasek A., Brisset F.: ÔÇ×Crystalographic aspects of deformation and recrystallization in ECAP-processed AA3104 aluminium alloy", Solid State Phenomena, 2012, vol. 186, pp. 98-103

Research Projects

Experience gained within the country and abroad