Associate Prof. Marek Lipiński, Ph.D., D.Sc.


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Employment and positions

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences: Associate Professor.

Scientific Career

M.Sc.: University of Silesia in Katowice, Institute of Physics, 1977

Ph.D.: Warsaw Institute of Technology, Institute of Physics, 1992

D.Sc.: Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2012

Scientific achievements

131 papers, among them: 54 papers in refereed journals and periodicals (39 of them citetd by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadephia), 74 presentations during conferences, 3 books and chapters in books.

The most relevant publications during last 5 years

  1. Z. Starowicz,, M. Lipinski, K. Berent, et al , Antireflection TiOx Coating with Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles for Silicon Solar Cells, PLASMONICS 2013, 8, 41-43

  2. Z. Starowicz, M. Lipiński, R.P. Socha, K. Berent, G. Kulesza, P. Ozga, Photochemical silver nanoparticles deposition on sol-gel TiO2 for plasmonic properties utilization, J. Sol-Gel Sci Technol., 2015, 73, str. 563-571

  3. Z. Starowicz , G. Kulesza-Matlak, M. Lipiński, Optimization Studies on Enhanced Absorption in Thin Silicon Solar Cell by Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticles for the Front Side Configuration, PLASMONICS 2015, 10, str.1639-1647

  4. S. Kluska, K. Hejduk, K. Drabczyk, M. Lipiński, Optical properties and passivation, Physica Status Solidi A effects of silicon nitride three layer stacks deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, 2016, 213, str. 1839-1847.

  5. K. Drabczyk, E. Wrobel, G. Kulesza-Matlak, W. Filipowski, K. Waczynski, M. Lipiński, Comparison of diffused layer prepared using liquid dopant solutions and pastes for solar cell with screen printed electrodes, Microelectronics International, 2016, 33, 172-175.

  6. K. Drabczyk, G. Kulesza-Matlak, A. Drygała, M. Szindler, M. Lipiński, Electroluminescence imaging for determining the influence of metallization parameters for solar cell metal contacts, Solar Energy, 2016, 126, 14-21.

  7. Z. Starowicz, A. Kędra, K. Berent, K. Gawlińska, K. Gwóźd, E. Zielony, G. Kulesza-Matlak, R.P. Socha, K. Drabczyk, E. Płaczek-Popko, M. Lipiński, Influence of Ag nanoparticles microstructure on their optical and plasmonic properties for photovoltaic applications, Solar Energy 158 (2017) 610-616.

  8. M. Lipiński, R.P. Socha, A. Kędra, K. Gawlińska, G. Kulesza-Matlak, Ł. Major, K. Drabczyk, K. Łaba, Z. Starowicz, K. Gwóźdź, A. Góral, E. Popko, Studying of perovskite nanoparticles in PMMA matrix used as light converter for silicon solar cell, Arch. Metall. Mater. 62 (2017), 3, 17331-1739.

  9. K. Gawlinska, A. Iwan, Z. Starowicz, Grazyna Kulesza-Matlak , K. Stan-Glowinska , M. Janusz, M. Lipinski, B. Boharewicz, I. Tazbir, A. Sikora, Searching of new, cheap, air- and thermally stable hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells, Opto-Electronics Review 25 (2017) 274-284.

  10. J. Suchanicz, K. Konieczny, K. Świerczek, M. Lipiński, M. Karpierz, D. Sitko, H. Czternastek, K. Kluczewska, Electrical transport in low-lead (1-x)BaTiO3-xPbMg1/3Nb2/3O3 ceramics, Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2017, 6(3): 207-219.


Patent no. 21397 for the invention:The method of crystalline silicon surface texturization, 27.01.2010.

Prizes and awards

2013 - Siemens Special Award granted at the request of the Jury of 06.05.2013 for the habilitation thesis: "The influence of physical properties of the subsurface layers and areas on operational parameters of silicon solar cell."

2017 - Silver Cross of Merit.

Research Projects

Projects from Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Projects from National Centre for Science

Projects from National Centre for Research and Development

Common research within the scientific network

International exchange programmes

Structural Funds

Experience gained abroad

French Government Scholarship: Laboratoire Physique du Solide et Energie Solaire, C.N.R.S, Valbonne, Laboratoire Physique de la Matiere, I.N.S.A, Lyon 1987-1988 (8 months)

Laboratoire PHASE-CNRS, Strasbourg, Francja, 1992 (3 months)

Some shorter visits: Laboratoire de Photo├ęlectricit├ę des Semiconducteurs, Univ.,Maresille, Francja, 1992 (2 weeks),

Laboratoire PHASE- CNRS, Strasbourg, Francja, 1992 (2 weeks)

Institut f├╝r Physikalische Elektronik, Universit├Ąt Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Niemcy, 2007, (1 week)

Main scientific interest

Solar cell device physics and technology, third generation photovoltaics, nanotechnology, plasmonics, nanostructured materials, perovskite solar cells