Prof. Jerzy Morgiel, Ph.D., D.Sc.


Phone.: (012) 29522853, room 22a, Fax: (012) 2952804

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Employment and positions

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science (IMMS), Polish Academy of Sciences:
junior research fellow (1981-1987),
research fellow (1987-2002),
associate professor (2003-2010),
professor with tenure (2011 - ).

Head of Transmission Electron Laboratory (TEM Lab) at IMMS since 1997
Head of Construction and Functional Department at IMMS since 2014.

Scientific Career

M.Sc.: AGH-University of Science and Technology, 1981

Ph.D.: Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1987

D.Sc.: Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2002

Professor: named by the President of the Republic of Poland, scientific title, 2011

Scientific achievements

Published 124 papers in (indexed within Web of Science Core Collection on 2014.04.15),
citing articles without self-citation: ~570,
average citations per item: ~5.3
h index: 13

Chapters in books;

Most relevant publications during last 5 years

  1.   J. Morgiel, M. Szlezynger, M. Pomorska, Ł. Maj, K. Marszałek, R. Mania, In-situ TEM heating of Ni/Al multilayers, accepted by Journal of Materials Research

  2. J. Morgiel, T. Wierzchoń, New estimate of phase sequence in diffusive layer formed on plasma nitrided Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Surface and Coatings Technology, 259(2014)473-482

  3. M. Gajewska, J. Dutkiewicz, J. Morgiel, Effect of reinforcement particle size on microstructure and mechanical properties of AlZnMgCu/AlN nano-composites produced using mechanical alloying, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 586(2014)S423-S427

  4. J. Morgiel, J. Grzonka, R. Mania, Sł. Zimowski, J. Labar, Z. Fogarassy, Relation between microstructure and hardness of nano-composite CrN/Si3N4 coatings obtained using single target magnetron system, Vacuum, 90(2013)170-175

  5. A. Duszova, R. Halgas, M. Blanda, P. Hvizdos, F. Lofaj, J. Dusza, J. Morgiel, Nano-indentation of WC-Co hardmetals, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, , 33(2013) 2227-2232

  6. A. Duszova, P. Hvizdos, F. Lofaj, Ł. Major, J. Dusza, J. Morgiel, Indentation fatigue of WC-Co cemented carbides, Int. Journal of Refractory Metals and Hardmetals, 41(2013)229-235

  7. E. Garcia-Lecina, I. Garcia-Urrutia, J.A. Diez, J. Morgiel, P. Indyka, A comparative study of the effect of mechanical and ultrasound agitation on the properties of electrodeposited Ni/Al2O3 nano-composite coatings, Surface & Coatings Technology,. 206(2012) 2998-3005

  8. J. Dusza, J. Morgiel, A. Duszowa, L. Kvetkowa, M. Nosko, P. Kun, C. Balazsi, Microstructure and fracture toughness of Si3N4 + graphene platelet composites, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 32(2012)3389-3397

  9. J. Labar, M. Adamik, B. Bama, Zs. Czigany, Zs. Fogarassy, Z.E. Horvath, O. Geszti, F. Misjak, J. Morgiel, G. Radnoczi, G. Safran, L. Szekely and T. Szüts, Electron Diffraction Based Analysis of Phase Fractions and Texture in Nanocrystalline Thin, Part III: Application Examples, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 18(2012)406-420

  10. J. Morgiel, M. Ferraris, A. M. Janus, D. Chiaretta, M. Pomorska, HREM characterization of nano-composite Au/SiO2 layers, Journal of Microscopy, 237(2010)333-336

Research Projects

Pending Research Projects

Projects from Polish National Centre for Science

DEC-2012/05/B/ST8/01794; (2013-2015); Analysis of reactivity of the multilayer Al/Ti, Al/Ni/ and Ti/Ni coatings through in-situ TEM experiments, project leader; J. Morgiel

Projects from Polish National Centre for Research and Development

GRAF-TECH/NCBR/03/05/2012 (2013-2015); Ceramic-graphene composites for cutting tools and devices parts with unique properties - CERGRAF, coordinator of research realized at IMIM; J. Morgiel

International exchange programmes

Application of Advanced TEM Techniques for Development of New Materials, in collaboration with prof. J. Labar from Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science; Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (2013-2014)

Experience gained abroad:

Post-Doc Fulbright - Highs schoolarship: Stanford University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, in prof. R. Sinclair group, 1987 - 1988 (12 months)

Research stay: Japan, Sapporo, Hokkaido University, collaboration with prof. Takahashi, November 2003

Prizes and awards:

Fulbrighta-Highsa scholarship; 1987-1988,

Award of Polish Ceramic Socitety - 2009

Silver cross of Merit - 2006 rok


Education of scientific staff

Superviser of 3 PhD thesis:
Łukasz Major - 2006,
Justyna Grzonka - 2009,
Marta Gajewska - 2014

External reviewer: PhD - 6, DSc - 10.

• Journal of Microscopy,
• Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance,
• Microscopy and Microanalysis,
• Archives of Metallurgy and Materials,
• Materials Characterization,
• Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering,
• Metal Forming - Obróbka Plastyczna Metali,
• Materials Engineering - Inżynieria Materiałowa,
• Ceramic Materials - Materiały Ceramiczne,
• National Science Centre (NCN),
• National Centre for Science and Development (NCBiR).

Organisation of conferences and scientific events

International Conference on Electron Microscopy of Solids (2005, 2008, 2011, 2014),

International Symposium on Vacuum - based Science and Technology (2011, 2008)


Membership in professional societies:

Electron Microscopy and Analysis Society,

Metallurgy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2015),

Polish Society for Microscopy,

Committee on Materials Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences,


Main scientific interest

transmission electron microscopy,
phase transformations of solids,
functional coatings,
composite materials.